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Dangers of Driving with Bad Pump

A water pump is a crucial component of every vehicle that supplies liquids from the radiator to the engine. In other words, it maintains the right temperature of the engine. As such, the problems that result from a bad water pump are eminent and can damage your car engine. For this reason, car owners should understand the signs and dangers of driving with a bad water pump.

Signs of a Bad Water Pump

When the coiling system of the car is not working effectively, the car engine will suddenly start overheating. Below are signs of a bad water pump.

Engine Overheating

When the car engine overheats, the radiator is not working as expected. The water pump is not allowing the engine to cool thus causing the engine to overheat.

Steam or smoke coming out of the radiator

If you find smoke or steam gushing from the radiator, stop the car. This happens when the damaged engine near the fan of the pump has failed. Call the experts when this occurs. Do not restart the car because this will cause severe consequences.

Unusual Sound

A bad water pump can make some noise. The noise occurs when the bearings fail inside the water pump or there is a loose bearing.

Other Signs to Look for

• Liquid overflow

• Pump rust

• Abnormal temperature gauge

• Holes on the dry side of the water pump

• Reduced heat or lack of heat

What Causes the Water Pump to Fail?

Several factors cause a water pump to fail. Even though, this component wears and tears over time. The following things will hasten the process.

Improper Installed Belt

Water pumps that are too tight or misaligned cause the component to seize causing the water pump to fail.

Wrong coolant

An infected or bad coolant will cause rust inside the water pump causing it to fail.

Dry running

A water pump that runs low on coolant does not have the required lubricant to keep the seals working. When these seals overheat, they fail to function and can cause more leakage to the coolant.

Other Causes

·       Blown gaskets

·       Flushing the coolant on time

·       Wear and tear

·       Improper installed belt

·       Things to Note When Replacing a Water Pump


The total cost of replacing the water pump depends on the model, make, and labor incurred. On average, the price of a new water pump ranges between $50-$100. The labor cost raises the cost as it ranges from about $200 upwards subject to the toil level of reaching the pump.


Water pumps should last about 60,000 to 90,000 miles just at the same time as a timing belt. When you have a timing belt, it makes sense to replace the water pump when you have the timing cover off. It is advisable to replace the water pumps before they fail.


It is not advisable to drive a car with a bad water pump. Signs of a bad water pump like leakage, smoke, and overheating should be addressed with immediate effect. A completely damaged water pump can cause a complete engine failure.

Replacing a water pump is the solution to all these problems. Seek the help of a qualified expert who will not only replace the component but also check the entire engine system.