To keep you safely on the road, brake inspections, maintenance services and brake repairs should be done routinely. Common signs that it is time for a brake service include squeaking, squealing, or grinding sounds, loss of sensitivity when deploying your brake pedal, locking up or complete non-responsiveness. If you come into the shop and think you are having brake issues, we can perform a thorough inspection to determine the cause of your brake problem. If your brakes are making squeaking, squealing, or grinding noises, we can inspect and replace your brake pads in accordance with industry standards. Additionally, we offer brake line bleeding and rotor replacement and repair. Give us a call at Entwistle's Garage in Leicester to speak with one of our knowledgeable automotive technicians today.

Dependable Brake Replacement & Repair in Leicester

We’ve all been there: no matter how gingerly you press on the brake pedal while driving, a head-turning, horrible sound emanates from your vehicle. Or, worse, you are driving down the road and are approaching a stop sign, and your car decides to drift a little further than it should have after completely pressing down on the brake pedal. If you find yourself in this predicament, have no fear— Entwistle's Garage in Leicester is just a phone call away. We work hard to make sure that all your brake maintenance and repair needs are met, so that you can stay safely on the road for years to come.


Regular brake maintenance starts with a thorough inspection from your trusted mechanic at Entwistle's Garage in Leicester the moment your brakes start to feel off. Your brakes should be silent, responsive, and sensitive. Your brakes should be taken care of as soon as possible as they are your vehicle’s most important safety feature. Call Entwistle's Garage in Leicester today to speak with a knowledgeable automotive technician.